Fatal Accidents Heads Of Damages

By October 2, 2015Resources

No Fault Benefits

  1. Private Death Insurance
  2. CPP Benefits
  3. Section B Death Benefits
  4. WCB Benefits

Fault Benefits

  1. Fatal Accidents Act Claims

  • Bereavement
  • Treatment costs prior to death
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for visitation prior to death
  • Funeral expenses
  • Grief counselling costs
  1. Survival of Actions Act Claims

  • Any actual financial loss suffered by the deceased or his estate. Includes funeral and memorial expenses.
  1. Common Law Claims

  • Loss of Shared Family Net Income/Support to Dependents, including fringe benefits. (Dependency Claim).
  • Loss of Valuable Family Services/Housework, yard work, child care, etc.
  • Loss of Future Accumulated Wealth (Lost future savings, investments, and capital that would have been inherited by the survivors absent the early death.
  • Loss of Deceased’s Post Retirement Benefits up to end of joint life expectancy.
  • Children’s Loss of Love, Guidance, Education, Training, Encouragement and Companionship. (Part of the bereavement claim per 2010 ABQB 337).
  • Loss of expectation of gifts.
  • “Filial piety” claim of the parents for support that the deceased child would have provided to them.
  • Loss of Consortium of Surviving Spouse (May be part of the bereavement claim?)
  • Voluntary Services performed by family or friends before or following death.
  • Management Fee.
  • Tax Gross up.

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