Calgary Alberta Courtroom Procedures for Providing Evidence by Calgary Injury Lawyer Walter W. Kubitz

By March 7, 2020Resources

The attached PDF was provided to the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association on March 10 & 12, 2020 for the Weapons in Chambers Seminar.

The contents of the PDF is not intended to provide legal advice. Specific legal advice about your situation should be sought from one of our lawyers. Call us at 403-250-7100 if you wish to discuss your claim.

To download the document click: Evidence in Chambers

The guide is provided to help potential claimants better understand the procedures of submitting evidence by their legal team with respect to the complexity of such matters.

The Table of Contents of the document is:

  • Some Basic Tips
  • Chambers Evidence Generally
  • Sources of Evidence for Chambers Applications
  • Actions Commenced by an Originating Application
  • Applications for Judicial Review
  • Actions Commenced by a Statement of Claim
  • Sources of Evidence to Consider
  • Affidavit Evidence in Actions Commenced by Statement of Claim
    Transcripts of Questioning on an Affidavit
  • Use of Transcripts of Questioning of the Opposite Party
  • Questioning by Way of Written Questions (Interrogatories)
  • Answers to Undertakings
  • Transcripts of Questioning of Non-parties
  • Transcripts of Questioning of Experts Before Trial
  • Oral Evidence
  • Video Recording in Place of Transcripts
  • Notice to Admit Facts/ Written Opinion and a Reply to a Notice to Admit
  • Questioning to Preserve Evidence for Future Use (Commission Evidence or Evidence De Bene Esse)
  • Evidence Taken of Persons Outside Alberta
  • Evidence Taken in Any Other Action. (Rule 6.11 (1)(f), a.k.a. a rule that does not mean what it says.)
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendix 1. ANC Timber Ltd. v. Alberta (Minister of Agriculture and Forestry), 2019 ABQB 653, Topolniski J
  • Appendix 2. Selected Rules of Court